Content Writing

The most popular service I receive contracts for is content writing. Many of my clients need help with their blogs, articles, emails, and websites. Whether you need some content to make your website stand out, an SEO friendly blog post, or a researched article for your outlet I can help! I regularly accept on-going contracts for content writing across many different industries. 

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Creative Writing

In addition to creating well-researched content for websites and blogs, I also work on creative projects for clients. Short stories, interactive fiction, games, and table-top roleplaying games are just a few of my specialties. You can click the image to check out my most recently published table-top roleplaying game Whispers of Wimborne.

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Community Management

After working as a Community Moderator in e-commerce for artists and gaming, I've developed a passion for the community management space. Growing connections between community members and their favorite services or platforms is a passion of mine. I'd love to help foster growth within your user community, especially within gaming or art! 

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Previous Projects


My most personal, and proudest, piece I published in 2019 was with AbleGamers. This organization is close to my heart as someone who has a disability and is in games industry while always wanting to make games more accessible for others. In this piece I share my personal identification with the brash character of Goro Majima from the Yakuza series. Click here to read!

I've reviewed a number of titles with the outlet Gamer Escape. From independently developed and published games to larger AAA releases. This requires precise attention to deadlines, embargoes, style guides, and PR relationships. It also, of course, has required close attention to trends and topical subjects within the industry. 

I've worked with a variety of clients across different industries to better their SEO efforts through content marketing. I've created web and blog content in healthcare, gaming, small business, and other industries to increase domain authority and better SEO efforts for many different businesses. 

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