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Great news, my brand new blog is set to launch very soon. If you're looking for an idea of what you can expect to see then keep reading!

Regular posts can be expect once weekly on Wednesdays. These posts will feature opinions, news, or information on a variety of topics. You can expect to learn something new, have a laugh, or just read some of the weird things my mind comes up with every Wednesday.

Speciality posts will go up semi-regularly on Saturdays, featuring fun and unique items. You can expect these to feature reviews, product spotlights, or adventures.

In the coming months I will also have a very special travel-based series starting. I won't release many details yet, but get excited!

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Announcement: A Brief Hiatus

In preparation for my upcoming trip and the content to follow it, I will be taking a brief break from posting regular blog posts. If you missed any of the previous posts feel free to check them out!

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