Connected Creatively

As soon as I could write, I was creating stories. Sure, I wasn't creating anything new or innovative but you bet I was writing stories about anything and everything I could. As I grew older I learned how to shape my stories into something more meaningful. Instead of creating stories about my dog's fantasy adventures, I would create nonfiction, researched pieces or creative short stories and poetry. I learned to love writing and the creative outlet it provided me with. 

It was this passion for writing, this meaningful feeling of creating, that allowed me to continue writing while I explored my career options. Whether when I worked as a dog trainer, barista, community moderator, sales consultant, or even when I was a full-time copywriter, I continued to create on my own. 

This allowed me to start my own business as a full-time freelance writer after working as a Community Moderator for a number of years. Since branching out independently I've been able to work with clients across a variety of fields, writing for many different mediums and purposes. I've worked with teams in marketing, healthcare, gaming, esports, e-commerce, and more! I've worked on projects to create SEO content writing, creative writing, scripts, and many other formats. 

Let's combine my variety of experiences with your project to make something truly great! 

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